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Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

Taylor Swift just broke a record! She is the first artist to be in every spot in the top 10 records on the Billboard Hot 100.

At the top of the list is “Anti-Hero,” followed by  2. “Lavender Haze” 3. “Maroon” 4. “Snow on the Beach” feat. Lana Del Rey 5. “Midnight Rain” 6.

“Bejeweled” 7. “Question…?” 8. “You’re on Your Own, Kid” 9. “Karma” 10. “Vigilante Sh-t” Drake came close to this record with his 2021 album, Certified Lover Boy, he had nine songs in the top ten.

The song missing the top ten are Labyrinth,” “Sweet Nothing” and “Mastermind.” What “Midnights” song is your number one?