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Bartender preparing cocktails and coffee

Source: zeljkosantrac / Getty

Here’s something to help you out this weekend.  Someone asked bartenders to name annoying things customers do.  Here are a few things bartenders hate . . .

1.  When you open and close your tab a million times.  Be honest, you’re not just having one.

2.  When you order a drink, wait for them to make it, and then tack on more.  Like, “Can I have a martini?”  And when they hand it to you, “Also, four Long Islands.”  Just put your whole order in at once.

3.  When you ask for “just a little ice” in your drink and think it means more booze.

4.  When you think the bartender is into you.  It’s their job to be nice, maybe even a little flirty.

5.  Ordering a pitcher is great and makes their job easier . . . until you spill it