Close up old catalytic converter in hand Car service man and holding a wrench for remove part in engine room of car , service and maintenance concept in garage

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This week, federal officers broke up a multi-million dollar theft ring that stole catalytic converters.  So how can you protect your vehicle from thieves?

Catalytic converters are a popular target because they contain precious metals like platinum, and can be stolen quickly and easily.

Claims for stolen catalytic converters doubled in the year ending June 2022, according to State Farm, whose customers reported more than 43,200 stolen converters that year.

The easiest way to prevent theft?  Keep your car in a garage, or in a well-lit area covered by security cameras.

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Anti-theft devices can be installed to make the converters more difficult to remove.  Others make the converter more difficult to resell by covering it with paint or engraving it with the vehicle’s VIN number.

On Wednesday (November 2), the Department of Justice announced the arrest of 21 people in connection with a crime ring accused of making $545 million by trafficking stolen catalytic converters.

Have you ever had your car robbed or stolen?  Were police able to find the culprit?