Kellogg's Pop-Up Cereal Cafe in Manchester for National Cereal Day

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I am a big fan of mixing two kinds of cereals. For example, Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Raisin Bran. I might even cut my healthy Kashi cereal with some Fruit Loops. Ramona Holloway believes mixing ,say, Oreo-O’s and Special K is almost a biblical abomination. So, I posed the question to Facebook and Instagram. You were pretty split on whether or not you are Team Matt or Team Ramona. However; the Instagram peeps were completely against Leviticus like, mixing of two different cereals. My Facebook friends are ALL in, on mixing those breakfast edibles.

Check out some of the favorite cereal combos in the comments below:


  • Wanda Langley: Team Matt Rice Krispies and front loops!
  • Jack Jackson: Frosted flakes and Lucky Charms are great together.
  • Martin Lineberger: Can’t turn my back on a brotha! Captain Crunch and fruity pebbles.
  • Cynthia Huffman Corrales: Fruit loops and lucky charms! Or as my husband calls it… Lucky loops
  • Jenn Venn Capron: I mix up Chex cereals. They are somewhat similar, but still different.
  • Alan D. Kaholic: Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Chocolate Chex.
  • Sherri Stepp Pollock: Rice krispies and lucky charms
  • Jennifer Nelson: Team Matt. Corn Chex & Raisin Bran!
  • Janet Carnahan Barton: Granola and mini shredded wheat work
  • Kati Harris Quinn: Raisin Bran and Honey Nut Cheerios.

However, I think this Facebook comment is a great way to end this:

David Eppstein, “I never figured Matt Harris as a cereal offender but here we are.”



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