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Source: Westend61 / Getty just put out its 12th annual “Singles in America” study on dating trends.  It’s massive, but we went through and cherry-picked the best stuff we saw.  Here are a few interesting stats on dating in 2022 . . .

1.  Dating now costs an average of $130 a month.  That includes $12 on dating app subscriptions . . . $39 on new clothes . . . $40 on your appearance and grooming habits . . . and $39 on actual in-person dating activities.

2.  Casual first dates are the way to go.  84% prefer a casual date like coffee over something like a nice dinner.

3.  Inflation and the economy are making cheapness seem kinda sexy.  23% say they’re more appreciative of frugal people than they used to be.  And 30% are more open to doing FREE stuff on a date now.

4.  73% of single people are looking for a long-term relationship.  Or they’re at least open to it.  10% said they only want to date casually, maybe FOREVER.

5.  Long-distance isn’t a deal-breaker, especially for young people.  58% of young people would date someone who lives more than a three-hour drive away.