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When Rebecca Danigelis got fired from her job of over 50 years the only thing she knew to do was to call her son.

Sian-Pierre Regis got the call from his mother saying she had lost her job and only had $600 in her bank account. That’s when the young filmmaker turned his camera on his mother to document her resilience.

Danigelis and his mother turned the negative into a positive documenting her new reality in a production called “Duty-Free.” The film follows Danigelis as she and Regis set out to complete a “bucket list” which included learning Instagram and LinkedIn, taking Hip-Hop classes, milking cows, and filtering through potential partners in her DMs.

One of Regis’s goals for the film was to document how hard it has been for his mother to find a job at her age. The film ends pre-pandemic and since then the mother and son have taken the film to festivals and will experience a theater debut over Mother’s Day weekend.

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