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I have had dogs (still do…just adopted Paris, the Siberian Husky 8 months ago….but that’s for another blog, because huskies…wow, just wow.) I have had cats (still do….Tank, my daughter’s cat and Armando, my son’s cat which are essentially MY cats since they live here! but I digress). I have had fish (still do…currently 5)…but this little guy, Theodore the Netherland Dwarf rabbit, has been such a delight….especially during this past year! My daughter and I found him in a listing on line and I am thankful we did! The lady did not know what she was doing. He had ticks and a respiratory infection. His first week with us was touch and go. I did not know one thing about rabbits, but he has been nothing but fun and joy. He is litter box trained and basically eats hay and some veg and fruit scraps. Of course he gets wayyyyy more than that, because look at this face! He is spoiled rotten and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! So, enjoy…more to come!