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President Joe Biden says America must reinstitute an assault weapons ban after an AR-15 was used in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs.

The president issued a statement on Sunday calling the violence “senseless” and adding that LGBT+ establishments and individual Americans are facing a wave of renewed hate from the far right.

Biden explained, “Places that are supposed to be safe spaces of acceptance and celebration should never be turned into places of terror and violence. Yet it happens far too often. We must drive out the inequities that contribute to violence against LGBTQ+ people. We cannot and must not tolerate hate.”

Celebrities also spoke out about the incident, including Kacey Musgraves and Dan Reynolds.

“WHY?! Just f____g why,” Kacey wrote on Twitter in reaction to the news. “Here we are… shattered again and again. Living in constant fear.” “It’s so beyond f____d up. These people were just freely enjoying their lives and weren’t hurting anyone,” Musgraves continued. “My heart is in half for my LGBTQIA+ fam. Love y’all forever.”

Dan Reynolds tweeted,

“Thinking about all the senseless gun violence that continues to plague our country. Hoping politicians will actually work to make real change in America. “Thinking about our LGBTQ youth that already feel unsafe. Another sad day.” He concluded, “How many more? May we continue to push for change.”

What are your thoughts about the country’s gun violence?