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Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update - Season 1

Source: NBC / Getty


So tonight is the night!  Elon Musk is hosting Saturday Night Live (with Miley Cyrus as the musical guest).  Leading up to tonight, little has been leaked about the upcoming show, except ALOT about how the cast is very unhappy about having to work with Elon.  Several SNL members have posted to twitter throwing shade on Elon’s qualifications for hosting this iconic show, or dragging him for being an out-of-touch rich dude.  Could all this be part of the plan to get viewers in front of their televisions to watch the show tonight?  PROBABLY!  Am I taking the bait!!  YOU BET YA!! I can;t even imagine what kind of bits they will write for him.  He doesn’t come across as the least bit funny.  Even the promo for the show tonight feels like they took him from his home planet of JEAGGLEVOX-12, in a solar system we’ve never heard of, and dropped him in front of the camera to make us all unbelievably uncomfortable.    Check it out below, and see for yourself.  The light on the “LAUGH NOW” sign in front of the audiesnce tonight will most certainly burn out.