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Do you think that you talk fast? How about the people from your state?

A study was done on 114 US cities and all the US states to identify the fastest and slowest talkers.

Key findings

  • The average rate of speech among U.S. states is 5.09 syllables per second
  • The U.S. state with the fastest average speech rate is Minnesota at 5.34 syllables per second
  • The U.S. state with the slowest average rate of speech is Louisiana at 4.78 syllables per second  South Carolina is the second slowest and  North Carolina is 8th.
  • Most talkative states are New York, California, and New Jersey. South Carolina is the 7th most talkative and North Carolina is the 9th.
  • Least Talkative states come from the Midwest: 1) Iowa, 2) Minnesota, 3) Wisconsin
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