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Metal Detectors in Chicago High School

Source: Tim Boyle / Getty

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools received a grant to increase security in its schools.

The North Carolina Center for School Safety granted the district $2.8 million.

The district will initially utilize the money to add security cameras to every one of the 105 primary school campuses.

“On average, probably five additional with multiple cameras with multiple views at each of our elementary schools,” said Brian Schultz, the director of operations at CMS.

The district will also use the grant money to start a test of a door access control and intrusion system.

The first will be evaluated on the open campus of Harding High School.

The system is designed to notify CMS about a specific door if it is left open or if someone tries to force their way inside a facility.

The doors will be integrated with cameras that record incidents as they occur.

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