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Katy Perry Claps Back After Luke Bryan Teases Her About Her Hairy Legs: ‘I Don’t Got Time!’ Katy Perry is finding out first-hand what it’s like to be a working mom. On Sunday Perry gave a close-up of her leg hair on her Instagram Stories.  Luke Bryan saw the clip and teased Perry that she needed “to do something about the leg hair.”  “I don’t have time,” the new mother clapped back. Perry welcomed her daughter, Daisy Dove last August and since then she’s been trying to keep up.  “What they don’t tell you is nobody talks about the first six weeks after you have the baby,” Katy told Jimmy Kimmel in February. “Oh my god, that’s wild! What a roller coaster!” Perry says that instead of shaving she’d rather cuddle with her daughter.  Are you a new mother that is having a hard time juggling work and caring for your baby? What tips can you give new mothers about caring for their new baby?

American Idol episode 4 as seen on ABC.

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