Documentaries are killing it (get it? killing it..HA ) on Netflix! Documentaries were featured in the top ten for 27 days in April.
True Crime docs were really popular, in April; Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, Operation Varsity Blues, Murder Among the Mormons, This Is a Robbery and Why Did You Kill Me? each spent over a week in the top ten.
I love true crime documentaries. Ramona Holloway thinks I am a serial killer in training. She does not get why I am fascinated by true crime. She sees no entertainment in murder. I try and explain it’s not so much the murder as it is what goes through a killer’s mind, how they get caught, how people get involved in solving the crime, what do the cops do right and what they do wrong.
Ramona finds it suspicious that I openly tell anyone who will listen that I would “lawyer up” if my wife or Mona disappeared by mysterious circumstances (I should add, I’m not taking a lie detector test either).
If you are a fellow true crime addict you know the reason. When you watch a lot of docs about people who were falsely accused and/or convicted, you often see, it’s the same story, an extremely long interrogation, a lie detector test goes awry, and a false accusation. I yell at the screen, “Leave the Police Station!” “Lie detector tests aren’t accurate!” “Lawyer up!” I wonder if any of these suspects ever watched a true crime documentary.

All that being said, here’s are some of my thoughts on True Crime Docs you should see.

My choice for the three best true crime docs that made the top ten in April on Netflix…

1) Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer
You may have a little trouble sleeping after you see how Ramirez easily entered the victim’s homes.

2) Murder Among the Mormons
Fantastic, even if I knew, right out of the gate, the issue with Mark Hoffman. Shannon Flynn is a great character.

3) This is a Robbery….I didn’t think I would enjoy an art heist documentary, but this had some really interesting twists.

Here’s a bonus for you. Three under the radar docs to stream (in no particular order).

1) Long Shot…A guy is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. Larry David to the rescue?

2) Captive …. 8 part series, telling stories of hostage situations. If you got a freaked out watching Locked Up Abroad, you’ll love this
3) The Last Narc (Amazon) true story of the kidnapping and murder of American DEA agent Kiki Camarena and how the CIA did him wrong.