MPs demand 25p “Latte levy” on hot drink cups.

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Starbucks is ready to kick off summer with a new frappuccino inspired by a fair favorite!

The Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino has a strawberry puree, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and is TOPPED with pieces of funnel cake.

“We wanted to capture the joy of this time of year, and we thought about those simple pleasures that really encapsulate summer,” said Sara Bennett, senior product developer for Starbucks R&D team. “That led us to state fairs and funnel cake – just wanting to channel that sense of carefree fun.”


The limited-time drink is officially available now and will be on Starbucks’ menu throughout the summer. If that isn’t enough for you, Starbucks is also introducing a unicorn-shaped cake pop to the menu too!

“I really hope that you feel like you’re just drinking a little sip of summer with this beverage,” Bennett said. “I really hope it brings a bright spot to your day.”

Head to Starbucks now and try the new Funnel Cake Frappuccino and let us know how yummy it is.

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