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Box of fresh organic vegetables

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If we have ONE takeaway from this past year, it SHOULD be how to better prepare our immune system. I pride myself in the strive for optimum health and the extreme knowledge in getting there. With that being said, that has not always been the case! After becoming quite ill in 2004, I took control of my health and became a Certified Health Coach and got certified as a personal trainer. The biggest lesson I have learned is how to properly fuel the body. We only get one after all! It is a fine-tuned engine that needs good quality nutrients. This isn’t to say that I don’t indulge now and again, because I certainly do. Most days, however, I am very strict.

Some people need to ease in to make a lifestyle change, but with me it worked better to go all in! Remember, diets fail. The first 3 letters are DIE. Most quick fixes fail. If you’re ready for a change, it will need to be a lifestyle change or else it won’t ever be sustainable. So decide IF you want to start, HOW you want to start and WHERE you want to start…little steps, or all in. The Standard American Diet (yep…S.A.D) is the worst in the world. Let that sink in for a minute. America is the most OBESE nation and the most reliant on prescription drugs. We can fix this.

Start with the basics….Alkaline water, less sugar, nutrient dense food choices, bye bye to sugar and artificial sweeteners. In the coming weeks, I am going to start giving you some tips on how to improve your health in all these categories. If I can help ONE person, I call that a win. Today’s take away: Diets fail, most surgery fixes fail, no, you don’t have to become vegan (I tried that for 8 years…most vegans I know are doing it wrong and are less healthy now than before!) Our bodies are amazing. Water is essential..good quality water, even better. ALL artificial sweeteners are bad…and sugar is even worse.

Our bodies work hard for us every millisecond of the day doing instinctual know, like breathing and pumping blood. Don’t set it up for failure.