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 According to ESPN, the number of viewers who tuned in to 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship Game was 18.7 million, making it the least-watched college football title game since 2004.

Overall, College Football had a pretty bad year for ratings. 13 Bowl games had worse viewership this year when compared to the previous year’s game, at an average decline of over 20%.

Today on the Mac Attack, Mac and T-Bone discussed the dramatic decline in CFB ratings for the championship game and bowl season.

They ask if this is happening because people are tired of seeing Alabama or Clemson win the title pretty much every year, or is it something else?

Mac thinks that games in the championship being blowouts has had a huge effect on viewership.

Bama has been in the national title game 5 times since 2014, while Clemson had been in 4, so they ask if expanding the CFB playoff would help?

Mac asks if the west coast really cares about CFB due to the Pac 12 being a non-factor recently in the Playoff. T-Bone says we need teams like Miami, FSU, Michigan, Penn State to become powerhouses again and challenge the teams like Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma.

Do you think they need to expand the playoff to involve more teams, even though it may still result in blowouts and the same team winning all the time?

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