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A survey of 2,000 Americans asked about their top gifting traditions.


1. Opening one present on Christmas Eve                                                               45%

2. Allowing one person to distribute gifts from the Christmas tree                            45%

3. Opening presents at midnight on Christmas                                                         44%

4. A White Elephant/Secret Santa exchange                                                            40%

5. Gifts for the pets                                                                                                    36%

6. Specific order of opening gifts                                                                               35%

7. Have to play a game before opening gifts                                                             34%

8. Writing little hints on the wrapping paper                                                              33%

9. Gifts every night of Hanukkah                                                                               32%

10. No one can see the tree Christmas morning until everyone is up                       29%

The survey also revealed the top recurring gift was found to be sweets (47%), other gifts that were high on the list were self-care items (33%) and a toothbrush (32%).