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The original ‘Home Alone’ is a Holiday masterpiece.  Its ‘Lost in New York’ sequel is good, though many found it to be “somewhat less-than-befitting.

However, the second ‘Alone’ has become a lot less enjoyable due to the appearance of soon-to-be former President Donald Trump in a brief cameo.

From Complex:

Late last year, director Chris Columbus revealed to Insider that Trump—a failed steak salesman perhaps best known for being impeached twice—had (unsurprisingly) bullied his way into a cameo in the 1992 family comedy. In light of recent events, particularly MAGA cult members’ violence at the Capitol, fans of the franchise have boosted calls for the cameo in question to be removed.

One Twitter suggested to have a present-day Macaulay Culkin replace Trump in digital form to make the movie a lot more enjoyable.  The star is actually supportive of the idea as he tweeted his response.

Culkin is slated to appear in the next season of ‘American Horror Story.’  No airdate has been announced yet, though it is supposed to air sometime in 2021.


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