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Grizzly bear sow #399 close up moving through sage

Source: John Morrison / Getty

In a recent YouGov survey, 6 percent of people think they could beat a grizzly bear in a fight! Are they serious? Is it more surprising that about one in four think they would LOSE to a rat? How the heck would you lose a fight with a rat? Maybe those 28 percent were comic nerds, who thought they had to fight Master Splinter (a mutant rat from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

First, let me be clear, this is all hypothetical. I have no plans to fight any animals. This article and survey do not endorse anyone fighting animals. It’s sad, I have to point that out. On the other hand, if someone reads this and fights an animal, I’m guessing that dummy will have their butt kicked. That would be justice.

Now back to the imaginary weaponless human vs animals discussion. The only animals, other than a rat, the majority of respondents think they can beat in a fight, are a house cat and a goose. I noticed they said “house” cat, I think a feral cat would give us all a battle.

I must admit, my confidence is not sky high against goose. Those suckers can bob and weave their way out of my jabs and hooks. Plus, a goose can go for a guy’s “junk”. In the middle of a fight, I am too clueless on where to find most animal’s privates. Even if I knew, do they feel pain like we do, when we get our boy parts hit?

I told you that 6 percent of fools think they could beat a grizzly bear, well, 8 percent of idiots continue with their overconfidence by thinking they could take lions, gorillas, and elephants.

Check out the complete survey here…..