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Disneyland Resort Reopens Following Covid-19 Closure

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

Have you visited Disneyland since they have reopened from the pandemic? Do you plan on visiting anytime soon?

Orange County, CA., where Disneyland is located, announced today that they are moving into tier 4, which means increased capacity for the theme park. The park will be moving into 35% capacity from their current 25%.

Currently, indoor dining at Disneyland is at 25% but moving into the next tier allows it to increase to 50%. Officials at Disneyland state that they are reopening more restaurants to help with the increase of visitors.

Earlier this month DisneyWorld and Universal Orlando announced they will stop COVID-19 temperature checks. The two Florida amusement parks in addition to doing away with temperature checks, Universal Orlando is also reducing its social distancing requirements from 6 feet to 3 feet.



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