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Discarded face mask lies on the ground. More than a year...

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These Two Fast-Food Chains Just Dropped Their Face Mask Rules Two well known chains have just changed their policies on face masks. Chipotle and Starbucks have announced new mask guidelines following the updated mandates courtesy of the CDC. Starbucks announced that masks are now optional for customers who are fully vaccinated, though their employees will still be required to wear them. Chipotle has taken a similar route: “We will continue to require our employees to wear masks,” said Chipotle’s chief corporate affairs officer Laurie Schalow. “However, fully vaccinated guests do not need to wear a mask inside of Chipotle restaurants, except where required by local regulations.” If you are fully vaccinated, do you think you will still wear a mask? If so, do you not trust the vaccine? Do you think people will be honest about their vaccination? Is it anybody’s business? Is the old norm finally on it’s way back?