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Word Gaslighting and psychological dynamics.

Source: Daniele Mezzadri / Getty

Lake Superior State University in Michigan released its annual list of words and phrases that need to be BANISHED in the New Year.  Here are the ones they say we should stop using or overusing in 2023 . . .

1.  “GOAT” . . . as in Greatest of All Time.

2.  “Inflection point”

3.  “Quiet quitting”

4.  “Gaslighting” . . . even though it was just named Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2022.

5.  “Moving forward”

6.  “Amazing”

7.  “Does that make sense?”

8.  “Irregardless”

9.  “Absolutely”

10.  “It is what it is”

What words or phrases would you like to add to the list.

Ramona Holloway wants to add “obsessed”.  She thinks influencers overuse that word a lot.