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Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez

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The ex-fiancée of disgraced New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is in hot water after being accused of misusing funds from a trust set up for their daughter. 

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According to The Boston Globe, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez has been accused by the fund’s trustee, attorney David Schwartz, of improperly spending money from the trust set up for Aaron’s daughter Avielle. 

Schwartz and Jenkins-Hernandez have been battling for control of the trust fund since September. 

The dispute began when Jenkins-Hernandez asked Schwartz, who is the court-appointed trustee of the fund, to pay a $10,697 bill for Avielle’s dance lessons. 

Schwartz denied her request stating that Jenkins-Hernandez was already receiving separate funds outside of the trust, from Hernandez’s NFL pension and Social Security, money that was supposed to go to the 10-year-old’s daily expenses.

After Schwartz declined to pay the bill, Jenkins-Hernandez asked a judge to remove him as trustee and says the allegations against her are completely false. 

“Since Aaron’s death, my sole focus has been on raising and providing as stable a life for my children as possible,” wrote Jenkins-Hernandez in an e-mail to the Boston Globe. “All monies I have spent have been with this singular focus in mind, and this will continue to be my focus going forward.”

But Schwartz disagrees and told the Globe he saw tens of thousands of dollars in what he called “questionable” expenses, which included $4,800 in charges at Harrods Department Store, $29,650 in ATM withdrawals, and $13,778 in paid bank charges.

Schwartz also claims that Jenkins-Hernandez reported spending $3,720 for Bay Path University, a private university in Western Massachusetts. Avielle is not old enough to attend college. 

Schwartz has asked the court to remove Jenkins-Hernandez as Avielle’s conservator. If she loses, a new conservator would decide how Hernandez’s pension and Social Security checks would be spent. 

“I believe that (Jenkins-Hernandez) has been co-mingling the child’s funds with her own,” wrote attorney Robert O’Regan, who is representing Schwartz.

”I believe that Ms. Jenkins-Hernandez’s ongoing conflict, her almost five-year-long record of excessive expenditures, continuous violation of this court’s decree … and her failure to file an inventory and up-to-date accounts all indicate that despite what might be her best intentions, Ms. Jenkins-Hernandez is not effectively performing her duties as conservator.”


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