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great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, swimming over the bottom at a depth of 18 meters, Neptune Islands, South Australia

Source: Alessandro De Maddalena / Getty

A 395 pound great white shark named ‘Jekyll’ was reported off the coast of Myrtle Beach Tuesday morning.

He was pinged about 50 miles off the coast posing no danger to any humans who might have been brave enough to swim in the cold January waters.

It’s interesting to see the movements of Jekyll, the juvenile male white shark, using the OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker.

You can see his path here:

Jekyll has spent the past month cruising up and along the Florida and Georgia coastline and has made his way to the Grand Strand.

Things comparable in size include a full-size refrigerator, a full size pool table and a grand piano.

Are you afraid to swim in the ocean?

See for yourself how these sharks are being tagged for research: