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Hugh Jackman’s playful feud with Ryan Reynolds has continued, and now Hugh Jackman is encouraging the Academy not to nominate Ryan Reynolds for an award. Jackman said, “I love spirited hits.

I love Will, and I love Octavia.” He continued, “However, I just heard that the Academy short-listed ‘Good Afternoon’ in the best song category. Now, Ryan Reynolds getting a nomination in the best song category will make the next year of my life insufferable.” He added, “I mean, I have to spend a year with him shooting Wolverine and Deadpool, trust me, it would be impossible.

It would be impossible. It will be a problem. So just to recap, I love Spirited. I love Will and Octavia. I love the song, ‘Good Afternoon,’ but please, from the bottom of my heart, do not validate Ryan Reynolds in this way. Please.” What did you think of Will Ferrel and Ryan Reynolds’ film, Spirited?