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Dog fetching stick in water

Source: Peter Cade / Getty

Dogs are better at detecting Covid than Covid tests!

According to a recent French study, dogs are better at detecting Covid than many fast lateral flow tests. Dogs are being trained to detect Covid because now that traveling has started again, they will be used for mass virus screening in places like the airport and concerts.

The study showed that dogs were able to detect the virus with 97% accuracy and identifying negative samples with a 91% accuracy. Professor Jean-Marc Treluyer stated, “These are excellent results, comparable with those of a PCR test.” However, the dogs will not be used to eliminate the test, but to help in the detection of who needs to be tested. Professor Jean-Mar continued, “they could help identify those people who should undergo a full viral test and – because the dogs’ response is so quick – facilitate mass testing”.

With the concerts being announced and travel increasing, these dogs can help stop the spread of Covid 19 as the world strives for ‘herd immunity’. So with PNC Pavilion posting quite the list of shows coming, which artist are you looking forward to touring now that outside is open?