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2018 American Music Awards - Fixed Show

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On today’s episode of King’s Court we look at the case of Benny Blanco vs. American XO, a band that is suing Benny Blanco, Khalid, Ed Sheeran for copyright infringement.  The song in question is “Eastside” a number one hit from 2018.  American XO is saying it sounds awfully familiar to their song “Loveless” which was released in 2015.  It takes only a few seconds of the intros to hear the similarities.  But check it out for yourselves and then we will dissect it.

Ok, in my opinion I think they have a case.  “Loveless” may be a little bit slower but it sounds the exact same and same kind of instrument or sound.  But my problem is that “Eastside” came out in 2018, why are they just now suing in 2021?  I understand that you have to build your case and what not, but 3 years???  Also to me this falls on the producer’s shoulders, in this case it’s Benny Blanco.  He’s the one creating that beat so he’s the main culprit and poor Halsey and Khalid are just guilty by association lol.  Overall it could just be another money grab in hopes of getting a settlement, but what do you think?  Do they have a legit case?



Source: NME

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