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Portia de Rossi recently celebrated her 50th birthday in a special way and included a special surprise for her partner Ellen DeGeneres during her bday party.

Portia surprised Ellen with a vow renewal ceremony that was officiated by Kris Jenner, which completely took Ellen by surprise. Rossi did wear the same dress she wore when they first got married in 2008.

Jenner said, “These two were born for each other. These two are couples’ goals, who continue to amaze me with how cute they are together.” She continued, “A match made in heaven, two peas in a pod.

Their love and commitment to one another is amazing, and it makes me so happy that they have each other to love and cherish and grow old.” Portia said to Ellen, “I thought what greater accomplishment could I ever, ever have in my life than being loved by someone so magnificent and incredible as you.” She added, “But now, 14 years later, I can say we understand each other, we accept each other.

How lucky am I to be with somebody who accepts me for exactly who I am, who loves me for exactly who I am.” Ellen replied, “I just adore you, I love you, I would not be on this earth without you. You save me every day. Thank you for saving me every day. I’m the lucky one.”

Which qualities do your significant other have that made you fall in love with him or her?