John Hancock has been away from the Ty Boyd studio, but his thoughts on current events has always drawn an audience. With the need for a creative outlet as a retiree, “Charlotte’s Most Beloved” is coming back to WBT for a two-minute weekly commentary called “Got a Minute.”

The announcement which was teased on social media was confirmed by the longtime radio host during The Bo Thompson Morning Show on Friday. At this stage in life, Hancock admitted there was no desire for him to be at WBT full-time. However, he will be making a comeback (of sorts) to fulfill an itch for being heard by the masses in the Queen’s City.

Hancock, 68, became an amputee last November and has been coping with the adjustment of losing his right foot. He made his second appearance at WBT since the life-changing surgery on Friday for an hour-long segment with Thompson.

Listen to the entire interview below and stay tuned for more details on Hancock’s new commentary.

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