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Ramona Holloway & Wheezy

Cookout season is here. Enjoy the ribs and potato salad responsibly by not breaking these 5 rules.

Do NOT show up empty-handed. Bring something for the hosts to enjoy or put something on the table. At the very least stop by the store and pick up some beverages.

Do NOT roll up with your entire free-loading squad if the invitation was extended only to you. It should only be you plus one, unless the invite was extended to your family.

Do NOT pile your plate high. Take conservative helpings so that everybody gets to taste everything. Taking 4 deviled eggs and 2 burgers is too much. Go back for seconds if you showed up that hungry.

Do NOT ask for a to-go plate because you want to take food to any able-bodied adult who didn’t contribute to the cook-out. The hosts agreed to feed you for one day, not give you free groceries for the week. Feel free to accept any to-go plate offered.

Do NOT hang out in the house when your hosts are entertaining outdoors. Stay out of the house unless you have to pee.

Enjoy this session of Cookout Etiquette and we’ll talk to you soon!

– Ramona Holloway