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Impact of Influence: The Murdaugh Family Murders Cover Art

Source: matt / Matt Harris

Day 23 of Alex Murdaugh’s trial for the murder of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul ended Thursday.

Alex took the stand in own defense.

You can hear parts of his testimony in this episode.

He tried to explain to the jury why he lied about being at the kennels the night of the murders.

Alex took responsibility for his financial crimes, but said he did not kill his wife and son.

Prosecutor, Creighton Waters, pounded Alex with questions about how often Alex has lied to people he cares about.

Former DA and former defense attorney, John Snyder, joined the pod to give his insight to what the prosecution and defense were trying to accomplish with Alex on the stand.

Seton Tucker and Matt Harris have been covering the Murdaugh family since just a few days after the murders of Maggie and Paul in June of 2021.

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