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63% of people say they are annoyed by “over the top” PDA. ONLY 63 per cent! I mean, we are talking “over the top”. That number means one of two things. Either that 17% believes there is no such thing as too much PDA, or no matter what the “handsy” couple is doing, those 17% don’t consider ANYTHING over the top. 

I’m no prude. I love a good erotic thriller as much as the next guy, I just don’t need to see a couple sitting on each other’s laps with their tongue down their throats while I’m trying to enjoy my Froyo. I can handle seeing a mullet sporting dude and his gal with the Quiet Riot t-shirt pushing their hands into each other’s back pockets while they wait in line for the Intimidator at Carowinds, but that’s where I draw the line.

How do only 35% believe having a conversation with a partner in a baby voice is uncomfortable PDA?  Maybe it’s the use of the word “uncomfortable”. Because it’s beyond uncomfortable for me. If I hear an adult talking like a baby to their significant other, my emotion would fly past uncomfortable and end up on angry. I would put money on that relationship being a fraud. That couple is destined to be featured on an episode of Dateline. I can hear Keith Morrison saying, “The couple seemed so happy. Even conversing in baby talk as they ate their baby back ribs at Applebees.”

I know I have issues. I don’t even enjoy holding hands with my wife in public (I’m working on that) but we have to agree that there are limits and certain situations require a bit of self awareness as to what is considered too much by most people.  

Here are the ten most uncomfortable forms of PDA


  1. Kissing a partner in the park 35%
  2. Having a conversation with a partner in a baby voice 35%
  3. Putting a hand over the shoulder of a partner 35%
  4. Holding a partner’s hand 34%
  5. Touching a partner’s behind 29%
  6. Sitting in a partner’s lap around friends 28%
  7. Calling a partner by a pet name 27%
  8. Proposing marriage in a public place 26%
  9. Giving a partner a peck on the lips 16%
  10. Staring at a partner 12%

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