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Liam Hemsworth is reportedly going to court because Miley Cyrus’s new song “Flowers” almost cost him his part in the next series of “The Witcher.”

Aceshowbiz says that the 33-year-old actor filed a “complaint for defamation of character” because he doesn’t like how the musician’s new hit song allegedly talks about him.

People took to social media to respond to the potential lawsuit, with one user writing, “Miley never said it was about Liam, so if Liam feels the song is about him, he must have a guilty conscience.. this would also never hold up in court lol.”

Another commented, “I really doubt Liam Hemsworth is actually suing Miley Cyrus, but if he is: 1) it’s her fans faults for making up all that s**t about him, like cheating 14 times in the mansion from the ‘flowers’ video 2) Johnny Depp set a precedent for suing people when they did nothing wrong.”

Do you think that Liam Hemsworth has a case against Miley?