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Group of smiling adult women at baby shower

Source: gpointstudio / Getty

Etiquette experts discussed what are the rudest things you can do at a baby shower.

Here are five off the list.

  1. Embarrassing the Honoree: “Remember it’s a baby shower, not a roast”
  2. Getting Drunk: Don’t get wasted!
  3. Don’t Share ChildBirth Horror Stories: “Avoid stories about difficult deliveries and hard labor issues”
  4. Going Off-Registry: “The new mom has requested specifics that she will need to prepare for the baby.”
  5. Bringing Uninvited Guests: “If you RSVP’d for one, show up by yourself.”
  6. Throwing A Shower Without Consulting The Expectant Parent: “A surprise shower might seem like a fun idea, but consider how it will be received by the guest of honor”

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