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Here’s a test to make you feel old . . . or young if you nail it.  Someone posted a list of the most popular abbreviations people use online.

1.  DM:  Direct message

2.  JK:  Just kidding

3.  BRB:  Be right back

4.  TBH:  To be honest

5.  IRL:  In real life

6.  NSFW:  Not safe for work

7.  TTYL: Talk to you later

8.  NBD:  No big deal

9.  IMO:  In my opinion.  Or, IMHO is “in my humble opinion.”

10.  FTW:  For the win

11.  SMH:  Shaking my head.

12.  IDK:  I don’t know

13.  IDC:  I don’t care

14.  MSG:  Short for the word “message”

15.  OMW:  On my way

16.  G2G:  Got to go

17.  TFW:  That feeling when

18.  MFW:  My face when

19.  ILY:  I love you

20.  IMU:  I miss you  (Yes, a ‘U’ even though the word “you” starts with a ‘Y’.)

21.  ICYMI:  In case you missed it

22.  SRSLY:  Short for the word “seriously”

23.  TLDR:  Too long, didn’t read  (Technically, there’s a semi-colon in that one:  TL;DR.)

24.  BAE:  Before anyone else  (Bae is also just short for “baby” or “babe.”)

25.  SOML:  Story of my life