Loki: Disney+

Disney fans are super excited for the new Disney+ series: Loki! Yet, for a reason that no one could have predicted. As gay man, I have to be honest with you, I did not see this coming!!

The Loki series premieres Wednesday, June 9th and a new preview confirms that Loki Laufeyson identifies as Gender Fluid. I’ve always been a fan of the mischievous Marvel villain slash hero!

But am I in shock and awe about this? Hell yeah! As far as Disney and their dealings with sexuality and identity, most characters are assumed to be heterosexual. This new preview gives a new view point of the character, gives major brownie points to Disney from the LGBTQ+ community and cracks my teeth wide open!

Thor’s half-brother has apparently always been gender fluid according to his adoptive father, King Odin who at one point says: “my son, my daughter and my child who is both”. As a Marvel fan myself, I had no idea til doing further research. Now I’m even more excited for the Loki series!

The masculine and feminine energies that Loki represents is amazing to see, especially now that we’re in the month of Gay Pride. Whether this is strategy or just a coinwinky-dink, we’re all enthusiastic to see what Loki will be getting into in the new series!

Eric Kelley II

– Eric Kelley II