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Matt & Ramona

Uno, Sorry!, Monopoly.. OH MY! On this episode of Matt & Ramona OFF AIR we find out that Ramona is REALLLLYY competitive when it comes to BOARD GAMES. And for good reason! Play to win or don’t play at all! Matt discuss the board games that families and friends fight over the most.

Amongst those were Sorry! and Uno. But the one game that families and friends fight over the most is MONOPOLY! Not hard to believe right?

Back at the ranch, Matt is disgusted with PDA! He thinks that you shouldn’t show PDA because it makes others around feel uncomfortable and awkward. On the other hand Eric says “If I’m not patting you on the butt, then I probably don’t like you.”


Let’s us know how you feel about board games and PDA by commenting below! Enjoy this post and much more on OFF AIR!