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Michael Jackson

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It seems there’s a Michael Jackson and Jay-Z track floating around out in the universe.  It was recently revealed a remix featuring the two legends has been uncovered after being lost for two decades.  Producer Just Blaze confirmed on a recent episode of the Bloomberg Originals series “Idea Generation”  that a version of Jay-Z’s 2001 hit “Girls, Girls, Girls” with the beloved late King of Pop does, in fact, exist.  “So Michael Jackson is on the ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ remix – the A version,” the music industry veteran divulged. “And I never knew that. I don’t know if I didn’t go to the studio that day. I thought it was an urban legend or something that Jay said, like, in jest one day, or just was some kind of a myth.”  Blaze admitted he found the once-mysterious recording just a couple years ago while searching his computer during the 2020 pandemic.

What is a dream collab that you would love to see happen?