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Michael Bublé Performs At The O2 Arena, London

Source: Joseph Okpako / Getty

Michael Buble is convinced fame “stunts growth” so celebrities remain trapped at the age they shot to stardom.

The 47-year-old pop crooner didn’t become well-known until he was in his late 20s and he says he’s glad it took him a while to build his profile because he had time to develop into a grown-up and well-rounded person.

In an interview with the Guardian, he explained: “I was 28 [when I became famous]. I believe that fame can stunt your growth, I really do. So I wasn’t 21, I was 28. I was a man. OK, definitely not perfect. But I had become who I would become.”

Buble went on to talk about staying grounded despite his celebrity status, revealing his kids attend the same state school in Canada that he went to as a child and he now hangs out with the other parents who all previously studied alongside him.

He said, “There’s this smell of all the hallways, I remember everything. Same teachers, the kids that I went to school with are the same people I walk my kids to school with now.”

Do you raise your own kids similarly to how you were brought up, or very differently, and why