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‘In the Heights’ is a MUST SEE

Lin Manuel Miranda

Source: Xilla Valentine / GlobalGrind

Lin-Manuel Miranda has done it again!!!  I liked “Hamilton” very much – the rap music, the comedy – it was all good.  BUT, “In the Heights” was all that and MORE!!! Not to give too much away, but this new film by Miranda (it’s actually older… it was written and performed long before “Hamilton” became a hit – but that’s a post for another day) takes the immigrant story that “Hamilton” started and pushes the viewer so much deeper into a story about the kind of folks that really make America beautiful.

Set in Washington Heights, a neighborhood of people/businesses/stories that’s are slowly being erased by the modernization of New York, Lin-Manueal Miranda made me feel (through his favorite musical device  – hip hop and rap music) just how special family and family history is.  This is a film about living in a close-knit community that takes care of each other, fights for each other and LOVES each other.  I really loved the music, the characters – I kept saying to the friends that watched with me – that it reminded me of the “musical version of Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”.

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I think if you want to watch a GREAT movie/musical that will leave you wanting to call your grandparents and ask them about where your family comes from, or spend some extra time in the kitchen with Mom/Dad learning how to make that special family recipe – then “In the Heights” is the move for you tonight.





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