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David Bowie On Top Of The Pops

Source: Sherry Rayn Barnett / Getty


Remember that old saying…one man’s trash…..wellllll ….A framed piece of art done by David Bowie was found in some trash. It seems it could fetch up to $12K!

Someone purchased the painting for $5 at a donation center of a landfill in Ontario! The painting was part of a self-portrait series of Bowie’s and is authentic down to the signature on the back.

The owner of Cowley Abbott Fine Art in Toronto says that the piece could be auctioned for up to $12 thousand; however, other Bowie paintings have been able to bring in over $30 thousand!

How do you think a painting by David Bowie ended up at a landfill? Have you ever found anything valuable in a dump or thrift store?





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