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Hundreds of thousands of cat owners are likely bearing their claws and hissing at Charles Barkley after he called them out during Sunday’s episode of Inside the NBA.

Barkley took the opportunity to slam cat owners when a viewer shared a cat meme with the show’s hosts. “A cat is not a real pet,” Barkley said. “Stop it.”

Kenny Smith asked, “Why not?” Barkley replied, “Because it’s not a dog.”

Although Barkley appeared to attempt an apology when the show returned from a commercial break, it quickly fell apart. “I don’t dislike cats,” Barkley told viewers. “I just don’t think they’re real pets. A dog is a real pet.”

When Smith asked the former NBA star what cats should be called if they’re not pets, Barkley responded, “Just something. Like, old women have ‘em.”

What makes cats better than dogs?