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On today’s podcast, Matt & Ramona wonder what is the acceptable barrier of clothing between friends sharing a bed? Ramona’s heading to an all-girls getaway where she’ll share snoozing space with a fellow female. That’s fine. The catch? The BFF sleeps naked. Also on the pod, Christmas decorating and Ramona’s inability to Christmas bake. Listen […]

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been dating for months. They’ve both very publicly been to each other’s workplaces (lol), exhibited plenty of PDA and oh yeah, that one time she screamed his name during “Karma.” So why is this the ship status I find the most adorable… Kelce recently broke an NFL record and, […]

It’s quite the red and green-hued going out guide this week as the whole area transitions to Christmas. Kicking off Monday, November 27th is Speedway Christmas at Charlotte Motor Speedway which runs evenings through January, 7th. This four-mile drive-thru display features five million lights synched with holiday music that you can listen to on your […]

Thanksgiving sides have become more polarizing than they used to be. So we want to know: If you showed up to dinner and one thing was missing, what’s the one thing that would make you hightail it out of there? Stuffing seems to be the biggest though our own JD believes he could live without […]

It’s almost Thanksgiving so of course Matt & Ramona are only asking the important questions like would you sit in a bathtub full of gravy? Ramona believes in the skin rejeuvanating aspects of it so she’s in (not literally though.) The other option in this would you rather situation is mashed potatoes. Choose your fighter […]

Everything feels a litlle more turkey than usual with the short work week and the holiday on Thursday. Here’s some options whether you feel like taking your family or avoiding them. That’s your call. Monday has the Hornets back in action hosting the Boston Celtics.Tickets are extremely affordable on Ticketmaster. Game time’s 7pm. Tuesday has […]

To know (and love) Ramona is to know (and appreciate and maybe even relate to the fact) that she is an extreme anxiety haver. And another thing to have anxiety about: How much time she spends on her phone. With our devices being able to tally the time we spend on the phone, and specifically […]

And why is it that the husband always comes back with the wrong thing? Sorry for the gender stereotypes but it is A THING. On today’s podcast, Ramona talks of the escapades of significant others being sent to the store and coming back with incorrect items. Matt & JD think the lack of specificity is […]

What a remarkable event at Spectrum Center as P!NK performed in front of a sold-out show in her Charlotte stop on her Trustfall Tour. And we do mean event. As if the acrobatics and high-flying singing upside down weren’t enough, we can’t help but thank our ticket winners and devoted listeners who showed up (and […]