Liz/ Matt

About The Morning Mix

Matt Harris has been part of the Charlotte radio and tv media since 2001. He has been part of the hugely successful Matt and Ramona Show since arriving in the Queen City. He also co-hosts a true crime podcast, Impact of Influence, which has had over eight million downloads. He has 2 teenage daughters, Addie and Avery. In his free time, he talks nonstop about Philadelphia sports teams and scares his friends and family with his love of anything true crime related.

Matt is a big supporter of Best Buddies, an organization supporting inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Matt also supports RAIN which envisions ending HIV in the community.


Liz Luda is a mommy and to an adorable little boy and wife to hunky man with a southern accent so thick he can’t order from a drive thru. She spends her time watching trash tv, enjoying a patio and hanging out with her husband. She documents her awkwardly, relatable life on social media where she has over 100,000 followers and a reach up to 18 million monthly.

Liz grew up in Stanley County, and graduated from Western Carolina University. She’s also done morning radio in Memphis, Tennessee and Portland, Oregon.

Matt and Liz talked to Lenny Kravitz about his new album, his secret to being cool, and his take on whether it’s okay to wear leather pants. Plus, Lenny answers the question, is Matt Harris cool? Timeless. Explosive. Romantic. Inspiring. How else to characterize Blue Electric Light, Lenny Kravitz’s 12th studio album? Kravitz’s mastery of […]