Megan Thee Stallion took to twitter to announce she a new online reality show coming to Snapchat.  It’s called “Off Thee Leash” which is perfect because Megan will be hosting and will have special celebrity guests stop by with their pets.  And we’ve seen plenty of instances where the pets are just as big […]

The pandemic has ruined a lot of things in 2020, 2021 but things are looking up for Bieber fans!  Justin Bieber has announced that his ‘Justice World Tour’ will kick off on February 18th in San Diego California!  The tour will have a total of 52 dates all over the US and Toronto with stops […]

Allegedly, some plans were leaked about some upcoming collaborations between artists, celebrities, athletes and the popular video game Fortnite!  Someone did a deep dive and went through a 94 page document that goes back to June 2020.  But in there were a list of possible collaborations, most notably Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga coming up […]

I don’t know about you but I’m a huge fan of ALL the Marvel Movies.  I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one.  Even after the Avengers: End Game, they still have plenty to give with the latest Marvel series on Disney plus.  First it was WandaVision, and most recently  The […]

Olivia Rodrigo’s star has exploded this year.  Of course she’s been working on different shows for Disney including her latest role in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, (seriously could they have a longer name? lol) and her song “Driver’s License” took over the world!  Now you can see her everywhere! She’ll be performing […]

Fans are catching up on Netflix's Part 2 of Selena: The Series. There is one scene in particular that has social media buzzing. Beyoncé met Selena in the mall, and the show was sure to include this special moment. 

When I first read that headline, I thought, “Same!”  It’s always interesting to see celebrities have the same struggles as us “regular” people. Will Smith did just that and got really real on social media and shared a picture of himself in the worst shape of his life. Of course in classic Will Smith […]

Will Smith debuts his new middle-aged, quarantine body to social media ahead of a new six-part fitness unscripted series from his company Westbrook Media and YouTube Originals.

Award season continues with MTV's 2021 Movie and TV Awards. The network announced Emmy nominated comedian and actress Leslie Jones will host this year's show. Jones will take the stage to honor some of the biggest and best moments in movies and television.

Billie Eilish is really intentional.  There are hardly any wasted movements when it comes to what she shares with the public.  She makes videos the way she wants to because it means something.  She releases the songs she chooses to because there is a meaning behind them.  She speaks up on topics that are important […]