Yet another surprise baby born in a restaurant bathroom, married women with kids get the snub from girls trips, and we discover Liz’s geographical shortcomings. All this and more on The Morning Mix with Matt Harris and Liz Luda.

The hot dog champ is disqualified, more first date questions, and we get to know The Morning Mix crew. Liz gives us a history lesson in Liz and how she became part of the show. To hear more of Liz’s story, check out the video below.

Asking a first date how they feel about ghosts, passive aggressive texting, and proper hotel etiquette on Tuesday’s Morning Mix with Matt Harris and Liz Luda.

On a Monday edition of The Morning Mix, Liz spent the weekend searching for her lost car at Taste of Charlotte, Swifties are going to bible schoool, and much more.   Tune in 6am-10am daily to the Morning Mix with Matt Harris and Liz Luda.

Danny Devito fights for love, competitive sides come to the surface, and being haunted by brows of days past. This and more on a Thursday edition of The Morning Mix with Matt, Liz, and Ashley.

Ground beef stress balls, kids addicted to coffee, and more on The Morning Mix Podcast with Matt Harris and Liz Luda.


“Business Insider” put together a list of things that are true for every Southerner.  And most of it is right as rain. If you live in the south, you’re already going to know all this stuff.  But if you live elsewhere, this might help you fit in better if you visit.  At the very least, it […]

Style & Fashion

Imagine you’re on a first date with someone who’s smart, funny, good looking, and maybe “the one”.  Now imagine they’re wearing a full tracksuit.  Still interested? Someone polled 3,000 Americans from all walks of life, and asked if a poor fashion choice or two would make them say “no” to a second date. Only 13% […]

Hermès Heir Awarding 51-Year-Old Gardener $11b Fortune, $5.9m In Properties Nicolas Puech, the 80-year-old estranged Hermès heir, has caused controversy. He recently revealed he would adopt his 51-year-old former gardener and handyman to inherit $11 billion.  According to Entrepreneur, Puech owns 5.7 percent of the luxury brand and is the grandson of its founder. But […]

  Pamela Anderson went makeup-free on the Red Carpet. During the 2023 Fashion Awards 56-year-old Pamela Anderson made a makeup-free appearance on the red carpet at the 2023 Fashion Awards in London. She wore an all-white outfit consisting of a pair of wide-leg pants, a loose-fit tee, and a cream-colored blazer worn over her shoulders. […]