Saturday, September 3, college football kicks off in the Carolinas. Let the tailgating begin! In a recent survey of 5,000 people, 29% believe “Grillmaster” is the best job to have while tailgating. I had no idea there was a “side dish taster” job available at a tailgate, but that was what 25% chose as the […]

Nothing Bundt Cakes is celebrating its 25th birthday by giving away free miniature Bundt Cakes tomorrow Thursday 09/01. As part of the celebration, the first 250 customers at each bakery across North America on September 1 will receive a free Confetti Bundtlet, the brand’s individually packaged miniature Bundt Cake. Nothing Bundt Cakes is also holding […]

Cereal isn’t just for breakfast anymore. At least that’s what Kellogg’s is telling people in a new promotion that promises to pay five people $5,000 for switching to cereal at dinnertime. “Kellogg’s cereals shine as stars of the breakfast table, but morning isn’t the only time cereal can bring the fun,” says spokeswoman Sadie Garcia. […]

If you’re planning on grabbing a sandwich from Wendy’s you might want to hold the lettuce. Actually, Wendy’s will hold the lettuce for you – the fast food chain is pulling lettuce off its shelves over possible E.coli contamination. People in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have reported getting sick after eating at Wendy’s.  The CDC […]

Eat This, Not That is sharing the surprising ingredient that makes cookies healthier.  And you’ll never guess what it is….the ingredient: a banana peel.  Yep…do’t throw those banana peels away any more!! In a recent study, banana peel flour was added to cookie batter and baked. And it reportedly satisfied people more.  They added, “On […]

Finally-the magic of a chicken sandwich in the form of a Big Mac! McDonald’s in the U.K. is reportedly testing out a sandwich that replaced the beef patties in a Big Mac with two chicken patties. In late August, the Chicken Big Mac will be tested in the U.S. in Miami, Florida. Of course, if […]

  The Girl Scouts have a new cookie.  The organization announced the new Raspberry Rally cookie yesterday.  The treat will join the nationwide lineup for the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie season. The cookie is described as a “sister” to the classic Thin Mints.  It is infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint and dipped in the […]

Doritos is releasing a pair of new limited-edition condiment-inspired flavors. Doritos Ketchup and Doritos Spicy Mustard chips are making their US debut. Doritos Ketchup is based on one of Canada’s best-selling, fan-favorite flavors with a “tangy and subtly sweet taste.” Doritos Spicy Mustard is inspired by Chinese hot mustard, and is described as a “first-of-its-kind […]


Trix has a new product at Sam’s Club. Trix Fruity Popcorn with Fruity Sweet Glaze is on shelves now. The company says it’s “everything you love about Trix breakfast cereal in a crunchy and delicious flavored popcorn.” It’ll cost $6.48 for a 20-oz bag. Also debuting, Kellogg’s is debuting its first-ever orange-colored Rice Krispies. The […]

Thanks to TikTok a new trend has emerged that might taste better than sounds, Pickle Pops. Instead of pouring that unused brine down the drain, try freezing it up. Choose your favorite brine like, Bread-and-butter, Kimchi, or kosher, pour into molds, and freeze. One user said, “A picklesicle is just about the most thirst-quenching thing […]