Good News

During a delayed flight to Dallas, a 14-year-old decided to entertain restless passengers with her rendition of the Backstreet Boys hit, “I Want It That Way.” Sydni Ellis recorded the teen’s uplifting performance and posted it to Twitter on June 14th. Ellis said the Southwest flight was delayed due to a computer systems issue. “At […]

It’s a long-overdue field of dreams. On Monday, 70-year-old Gwen McLoughlin, served as the bat girl for the New York Yankees, 60 years after she was rejected when she wrote a letter to the team as a 10-year-old asking for that chance. In 1961, McLoughlin received a response from then-general manager Roy Hamey: “I am […]

Florida boy swims for an hour to get help for endangered family. A 7-year-old Florida boy is being hailed a hero after he swam for an hour to get help for his family following a boating accident. The incident happened Friday night when the boy, Chase Poust, was fishing with his dad and 4-year-old sister, […]

From pineapples to garden gnomes, your outdoor decor could be dropping sexy hints to your neighbors

What is (or was) the greatest ride of all time? What was your favorite ride? 

If you’ve been following this story you know it’s been a crazy one. Murderers and tigers were on the loose in Houston. A tiger last seen roaming through a Houston neighborhood has been found and safely taken into custody. Authorities lost track of the tiger after arresting its owner, Victor Hugo Cuevas, last week.  They […]

Residents of a quiet Houston neighborhood got quite the surprise Sunday evening – a tiger wandering through their yards. Video shows the tiger prowling through the neighborhood – apparently, somebody’s pet, based on the collar it was wearing. Later that night, another neighbor shot a video of a man grabbing the tiger by the collar […]

It’s safe to say we live in a digital world, where almost anything a person could want is just the push of a button away. Unfortunately, a Brooklyn mom learned the hard way that when a child wants something, they will most certainly push that button – hundreds of times in a row. Jennifer Bryant […]

When Rebecca Danigelis got fired from her job of over 50 years the only thing she knew to do was to call her son. Sian-Pierre Regis got the call from his mother saying she had lost her job and only had $600 in her bank account. That’s when the young filmmaker turned his camera on […] Obocho Peters is 11-years-old and already the owner of his own business. The Brooklyn native, who is only in the fifth grade, is the CEO of Obocho’s Closet, a thrift shop that sells items for under $10. The tiny entrepreneur hopes to help low-income families and promote the importance of education. Obocho’s closet originally […]