Two-thirds of single people say they’ve dumped someone over a highly specific turn-off. Here are the top ten deal-breakers we’d dump someone over. 1.  Body odor. 2.  Pretending to be more knowledgeable about something than they really are. 3.  Being rude to waiters. 4.  Living in filth. 5.  Being overbearing and rude in general. 6.  […]

Three times a week the Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast drops. It’s around 15 minutes of the team telling stories and making you (hopefully) laugh out loud. In this episode, Ramona Holloway makes a “Goldfish” confession. Matt talks about his days playing little league baseball, crying on the mound and using a hankie in […]

Turns out Christmas gifts weren’t the only thing handed out over the holidays. Ramona has received the unwanted gift of a cold. Ramona’s sneezy self-consciousness isn’t a new habit. She has been attempting to hide blowing her nose since her youth. However, it is exacerbated by coronavirus symptoms that range from coughing to sneezing to […]

“My Dad Loves to Toot,” an actual book given to Matt & Ramona Host Matt Harris for Christmas. He was given the gift by his daughters along with a whoopie cushion. Matt claims he “does not love to toot” suggesting that Matt’s daughters recognize his sense of humor. An actual quote from the book: “Some […]

The people at LoveHoney put together lists of the sexiest male and female names, mostly by reviewing the character names in hundreds of romantic movies and books. Since it sounds like they were focusing on frequency, the sexiest names are mostly common ones . . . not exotic, unique names. For men, Jack is #1, […]

Whether we make or break our New Year’s resolutions, January 17th is gonna be the best day of our life.  Join us as we celebrate National Ditch Your Resolutions Day with American Authors. Be there from 6pm to 8pm at Tap & Vine Stonecrest on Rea Road in Charlotte.  Matt promises to meditate for two […]

The Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast dropped a brand new episode. Matt and Ramona, and producers, Liz and Squatch  talk about their New Years resolutions. Ramona is not thrilled that she was unknowingly given a senior discount. Her pain was our gain ..of laughter. We discover producer Squatch is really ripped! Plus, for some […]

The Guardian put together a list of “100 ways to improve your life without really trying”. Here are 5 1 Exercise on a Monday night (nothing fun happens on a Monday night). 2 On the fence about a purchase? Wait 72 hours before you buy it. 3 Tip: the quickest supermarket queue is always behind the fullest trolley […]

Lake Superior State University in Michigan released its annual list of words and phrases that need to be BANISHED in the New Year.  Here are the ones they say we should stop using or overusing in 2023 . . . 1.  “GOAT” . . . as in Greatest of All Time. 2.  “Inflection point” 3.  […]

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time to wrap things up.  And what better way than to enjoy the best tweets about cats and dogs from 2022? HuffPost has rounded up a list.  Some of the best ones include: “my dog sighs a lot for somebody who doesn’t’ contribute to this house […]