In all fairness, they’re not some rodents, they’re his rodents. He is the granddad to his daughter’s pet rats. Cookie and Cinder. And now two more have been added to the Harris family home. They are Mocha and Pepper. But it’s health problems for Cookie and veterinarian help was required. Hear Matt’s tale of rat […]

Like everything else in the current economy, Americans may pay more for Halloween candy due to a sugar shortage. Maybe that’s a good thing! The Wall Street Journal reports a sugar supply strain could lead to high candy costs, affecting production.  Candy producers blame the sugar shortage on a US agriculture policy requiring 85 percent […]

On today’s Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Ramona gets ducked. And then gets embarrassed by some assumptions that were made. (This isn’t a euphemism. Jeep drivers like to “duck” other Jeep drivers.) Then we go on to talk about the order in which we wash our dishes. Matt is astounded by Ramona’s order of […]

It’s the second installment of your twice-weekly dose of the Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast… Today’s topics ranged from why do concert performers (we’re looking at you, Culture Club) wear long sleeves on stage in the middle of a sweltering summer to finding out what we’ll look like old(er).

On the newest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Ramona’s efforts to declutter continue. So much so that she’s made rules for herself. Which when you make rules for yourself, isn’t that perhaps a sign you’re already in trouble? Let us also introduce you to the Golden Bachelor. ABC has a new “Bachelor” and he’s […]

Matt brought The Morning Mix’s attention to toe wrestling. We basically “there, there’d” him and thought it would pass. But it didn’t. He challenged Mac, from Sportsradio 92.7 WFNZ, to a toe wrestling challenge. The match will take place on Friday, July 14th. However. There was a weigh-in prior to the event. Hear even more […]

Before we were even given the definition, I knew I was among the many. A new poll found the average person experiences 140 moments of “PHONE PERIL” a year. Phone peril is where you panic about your phone for one reason or another. The top things that cause it include dropping your phone on the […]


After a number of New York Walmart stores discovered credit card skimming devices at their checkouts, FICO is warning consumers about what to look out for to prevent getting scammed. If you notice anything loose or disconnected on a credit card machine, it may have been tampered with, and you should not process a payment. […]

Welcome in to the latest Off Air Podcast. Matt attended the University of South Carolina’s orientation with his college-bound daughter. He embarrassed her exactly as much as you’d expect. And in Ramona’s Reality Room, she told a tale of a thrift store stop that went sideways all because of a can of water. Listen, laugh […]

Grab your favorite seltzer and park yourself by the pool because hoo boy is this podcast packed full of content. It begins in Ramona’s Reality Room where she asks “Are You Worldly?” Then buckle up for a wild ride of a story involving Matt’s Dad getting potentially fleeced out of thousands of dollars because of […]